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To me, animals are precious creatures!  At the age of 11, my parents brought home a beautiful, black German Shepherd pup!  That was my very first pet whom I adored!  Since that time, my love for dogs grew as the years passed.  My great affection for dogs and cats, in particular, has led me to rescue many and find homes for them, as well.  My precious Black Lab/Chow was very, very special to me and she lived to 15.  I still miss her so much!  Currently, I am the proud pet parent of 2 dogs and 4 cats.

For the past 18 years, I have been my own boss, working a home-based business.  I’ve found this to be very rewarding, and it affords me the ability to spend quality time with my family and pets!  Over the years, my customer base has grown quite a bit and consists of many satisfied, repeat customers.

Some of my passions and interests include reading, floral designing, attending my church, boating, visiting museums, family time, playing with my pets, and my internet business, of course!

It brings me great pleasure to help people through my online business find what they are looking for! My goal is to provide excellent customer service, to build a rapport with my customers, and to furnish you with information and products that will afford your pet/s a long, healthy and happy life!

I hope you find what you are looking for.  If not, please contact me and I will try my best to find what you are seeking.  I sell many different items that are not listed here on this site. 

When a purchase is made from my website (through a link that you click on), I am afforded a small commission which helps me to keep my website up and running.  Thanking you, in advance, for your patronage to a small-business owner!

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“With God, All Things Are Possible” – Matthew 19:26

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