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4 Reasons To Give Your Dog Yak Bones

March 13, 2018 in Reviews

Many dog owners do not know what would be the safest or best bones for their dogs to chew on. Do not fret. In this article, I will give you insight on why you should give your furry-family member Yak dog bones.

Dog owners adore their furry friends and would do anything for them.  Statistics indicate that 68% of the U.S. households own a pet today.  North American Pet Health Insurance Association filed a record growth of pet health insurance in 2015  at a 17.2% increase from 2014.  It is a fact:  many people love pets, especially dogs.  The report also indicates that, in the United States, dogs top the list as the most-owned pet wherein 60.2 million households own a dog (or multiple dogs) as a pet. 

I have 2 puppies (each one 8 months of age).  They have destroyed quite a few things in our home.  I did some research on safe, natural dog bones and came across the yak bones.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how much my pups loved chewing on these for hours.  Normally, I buy a few packs since I have 2 dogs and do not want to run out of them.

Do you own a Rottweiler, German shepherd, Doberman, Beagle, or a Bulldog?  It doesn’t matter.  All dogs get carried away by boredom. You wouldn’t love to find your favorite pair of shoes or furniture chewed on by your dog while it tried to keep itself busy.  That’s why it’s a great idea to give Yak dog bones to your dog for chewing purposes to prevent these types of situations from happening.

This looks like a tasty chew toy!


Be careful to choose wisely and not give just any chew bone to your pet.  I steer clear of rawhide bones, as a couple of my dogs choked on them, but thank God, they survived.  It was scary, to say the least.  There have been cases of this happening from raw-hide bones.

Go for a dog bone with no (or low) calories, has high protein, tastes great, and can get chewed for over 30 seconds. I know getting the perfect Yak Dog Bones for your dogs to chew on can be an uphill task or a head-scratching issue. But not anymore; in this article, I will also do a review of one of the best Yak Dog Chew Bone found in the market for insight.

It is natural for any dog to possess that urge to chew. Have you already noted the chewing behavior of your dog? Then you might have realized its love for chewing, especially the teething period. Chewing improves your dog’s health and helps to alleviate boredom. If you are leaving the house, you may need to leave your dog a couple of these Yak bones to keep her or him busy.  Otherwise, trust me, you will not want to deal with its destructive habits. 

Avoid giving your dog animal bones, left over from your last meal, or chew toys.  It will only make it worse as it helps in stimulating its natural desire of gnawing on everything.  Here are the benefits derived from giving your dog Yak bones:

This Yak bone keeps me busy and happy!

1.  Helps Keep Your Dog in Good Shape

Don’t you love it when your lovely canine family member is in shape?  As intended, Yak Dog Bones are no easy-and quick-to-eat treats. In the process of struggling to crack it down to small chewable amounts, the dogs use a bit of energy and perhaps, like my puppies, they may even flip the bone up into the air and then retrieve it!  It is as though they want to find the perfect place to enjoy their Yak chews.

In doing this, they end up exercising, having fun, and using up excess calories they may have accumulated in their bodies, keeping them in great shape. 

Introduce these dog bones to your dog while she or he is still a puppy.  As its teeth begin to grow, it starts chewing on anything to get relief.  Chewing on hard items like Yak dog chews naturally stimulate your dog’s teeth development.  This is also great for keeping your pet’s teeth healthy!


2. Plaque Removal

Despite your dog enjoying great relaxation with Yak dog bones, they also help in removing mouth plaque which causes dental problems and bad breath.  I know you may be wondering “How is that?”  The action of chewing on these bones do not only usually scrape away the plaque on their teeth but also help with tartar control.


3. Boredom Buster

When you are busy working or having fun and your dog cannot be with you, your pet might also be getting restless and get the urge to play.  At this time, chewing on something seems to be the only answer for him!  When away, it’s a smart idea to leave some Yak dog bones for your four-legged pal to keep him busy for hours.


4. Mind Stimulation

Do you have an inactive or senior dog?  Giving her these Yak bones will be one of the best things you can ever do for her.  It helps in stimulating the mind, triggering its activeness.

The above are benefits that your dog will enjoy if given these bones.  But the million dollar question is:  What are the best Yak Dog Bones?  If you’d like to purchase these top-rated dog bones, click on the below link. 

Himalayan Gold Yak Dog Chews | Grade A Quality, 100% Natural, Healthy & Safe For Dogs, Odorless, Approx. 1LB Bag With 3-4 Huge Pieces, Treat For Dogs, Keeps Dogs Busy & Enjoying, Indoors & Outdoor Use



They come in the form of healthy and delicious chew sticks, made from 100% natural ingredients.  They are therefore digestible, and your furry pal will fall head over heels for them.  They get made in Nepal, from where they are imported.  With no added preservatives, artificial chemicals and ingredients, the chew sticks are entirely made from the cow’s and yak’s milk.  Does your dog have a sensitive stomach?  Then this should be your best choice. The chew sticks are 100% lactose-free and gluten-free as well.

I like this!

What’s impressive is the fact that these chew sticks are made from an ancient Himalayan recipe and gets referred to as grade ‘A’ Yak Chews.  This tested recipe from the famous mountains of Nepal will sink well into your dog’s teeth.

The chew sticks are 1-2 inches long in width while the length is generally 6-8 inches.  They get packed in a 1 LB bag, enough to keep your dog busy for hours.  The sticks are odorless, so your dog can enjoy its treat in your presence without you being bothered by an unpleasant odor.  Besides, since they are made from natural ingredients, they are a healthy treat and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


• Affordable:  cost is under $20 (prices vary according to weight).

• Grade “A” quality.

• 100% natural.

• Odorless.

• Healthy and Safe for your dog.

• A perfect treat for dogs.

• Dogs enjoy them, keeping them busy for hours at a time.

• Can get used for both indoors and outdoors.


• Himalayan Yak Dog Bones are made and imported only from Nepal.  In case it’s out of stock in your local store, the delay in waiting for these imported goods can cause an inconvenience.

Thanks to modern technology, if you can’t get Himalayan Gold Yak Dog Chews from your local store, you can order it online from the link I’ve provided above.  If you order from the above link, you will allow me to get a small commission from the sale.

Amazingly, these dog chews are rated a 4.5-star with over 441 reviews!  Many happy clients indicate how their dogs love the chew sticks. Isn’t that great? It is a no secret: these dog bones are the best by far. With the above insight, I believe your desire to give your dog the best type of bone has gotten piqued. 

Offering great meals and grooming him are just some of the ways to shower him with love and make him look spiffy.  These bones are just another way to make your dog very happy and keep their teeth in good condition, too!  My dogs love them, and I am confident that your dog/s will also!  You will see for yourself.

So pretty!

Treating A Dog’s Ear Infection — Get the Tips

March 3, 2018 in Articles

Treating Your Dog’s Ear Infection

Canine Ear Infections are one of the most common health occurrences today.  There are several ways for treating a dog’s ear infection.  Canine ear infections may also be referred to as otitis externa.  It is quite frustrating for the pet parent as much as it is the dog if this condition is present.  The problem is that this condition seems to come back, over and over again, for some.  This is not fun for your dog, nor is it fun for you, knowing that your pet is in discomfort.  Plus, it can become quite expensive when making repeated visits to the veterinarian’s office.

Vet Examining Dog’s Ear

One way to treat a canine ear infection is the use of antibiotics which will be prescribed by your vet.  This will usually will clear up the infection.  However, the use of antibiotics is just to treat and help short-term since they cause more imbalance in your dog which, in turn, sets the dog up for future ear infections, unfortunately.

Your veterinarian can usually diagnose if your dog has an ear infection by examining the eardrum and ear canal with a device called a magnifying ear cone.  In the event that it is too painful for your vet to examine the dog’s ear, the dog may have to be sedated.  Most likely, the veterinarian will perform a professional cleaning of your dog’s ears and then prescribe either an oral and/or topical antibiotic.  If the case is not complicated, the ear infection will normally clear up within 10 days to a month.  Sometimes, it up can take months before clearing up, and some cases are chronic.

If you decide to go the natural route, before making a trip to the vet, you can try this product that I have used for my dogs and had success with.  This is a natural product for cleaning your dog’s ears should an infection be present.

Click the following link to get the full details: Dog Ear Cleaner Infection Formula


Are There Ways To Detect If Your Dog Has An Ear Infection?

So, you’re thinking, how will I actually know if my dog has an ear infection?  There are several symptoms that will reveal that your dog may very well have an ear infection.  Here are some:  1)  If you look inside the ear and notice scabs or crust;  2) You notice swelling;  3) Redness at the site;  4) An odd odor emitted from the ear;  5) Brown or pinkish discharge;  6) Hearing loss.  Another tell-tale sign is if your dog keeps on shaking his or her head or is continuously scratching his ear.  (A common cause for puppies to develop an ear infection would be ear mites and for adult dogs, most of the time it is caused by yeast or a bacteria.)

Your veterinarian can confirm the presence of an ear infection by performing an examination of the dog’s ears.  But, if you notice any or some of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is more than likely that your furry buddy has this condition.  Your vet may also take a sample from the ear that is affected and look at the sample under a microscope.  In this way, the sample will help the vet to determine just what micro-organisms are present.  It is important that an accurate diagnosis is made by your vet since there are multiple contributing factors and causes as to why ear infections develop.

It is best to treat this condition as soon as possible so that it does not worsen nor cause your pet to experience discomfort.  Unfortunately, this is a painful condition for your dog and most dogs experience an ear infection at some point in their lives.

I’m Just Fine


What Are Some Reasons That My Dog Might Develop This?

By now, you may be wondering, “So, what might be causing my dog to get an ear infection?”   Usually, this condition is secondary to some underlying condition.  This underlying condition brings about an unhealthy environment for your pet’s ears.  For the very reason that dogs’ ear canals are mostly vertical, it is easy for dirt, debris, and moisture to be retained in the ear canals.

There are several reasons for your pet to develop an ear infection.  Certain diseases or disorders may be the main reason for ear infections to occur in the first place.  These can include dogs who have allergies (which is the number one cause of ear inflammation), bacterial or yeast overgrowth, ear mites, skin disorders (such as seborrhea), polyps or tumors in the ear, thyroid disease, and exposure to lake water.  If your dog lives in a humid climate, the occurrence of otitis is approximately 50%.  Otitis is inflammation or infection of the dog’s ear.  About 80% of dogs who have allergies will develop ear infections.  Sometimes, just a change in your dog’s diet can make a positive difference for improved health!  If you are too tired or just do not have time to wash and cut up raw meats and veggies and fruits for your dog, here is a product that I recommend.  It is freeze-dried raw dog food with Organic fruits and vegetables.  Click the link below to get all the info on this freeze-dried raw dog food:   Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Market Nuggets Grain Free Lamb Recipe Natural Dog Food by Nature’s Variety, 14 oz. Bag

Example of a Raw-Food Diet

If ear infections recur and are left untreated, this can lead to permanent narrowing of the dog’s ear canal (which will make it difficult to treat), and scar tissue will develop.  Sometimes external ear infections can lead to progression into the middle ear and inner ear, which causes additional problems for your dog, and pain as well.

Genetics can influence the thickness of hair growth in the dog’s ear canal.  Dogs with a thick amount of hair in their ear canal are the ones who are most prone to developing this condition since they have the poorest air flow.  There are some breeds that are more likely to develop ear infections because of their thick ear hair.  These include:  Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Maltese, Lhasa Apsos, Pekingese, and Shih Tzus.  In addition, dogs who have long, floppy-type ears or dogs who have tiny ear canals are very prone to developing an ear infection.

Sometimes an ear infection will cause the eardrum to rupture.  Normally, a ruptured eardrum can heal within three (3) to four (4) weeks when treated properly.

How Can I Prevent A Recurrence?

Keeping the inside of your dog’s ears clean is important.  Be sure to be diligent about cleaning the dog’s ears once the infections have cleared up.  If moisture is the contributing factor, make sure that you dry your dog’s ears thoroughly (cotton balls are very helpful for this) after he or she takes a swim or after you bathe your pet.

Use can use a cotton-tipped swab (such as a Q-tip) to clean the folds in your dog’s ear flap.  Makes sure you do not stick the cotton-tipped swabs into the ear canal.  This can push excess debris deeper into their ear canal and pack it in which will cause a problem and would then require the care of your vet.  However, if the underlying issues (such as skin disorders, like hot spots, and allergies) have not been addressed and resolved, recurrences of this infection can keep happening all too often.

Changing your dog’s commercial dog-food diet to a raw-food diet can dramatically improve your dog’s immune system and, therefore, have a lesser chance of getting sick, which includes an ear infection.

You may prevent an occurrence by using organic, virgin COCONUT OIL to clean your dog’s ears, in addition to adding a 1/2 teaspoon or so a day (depending on the dog’s weight) for added health benefits!  Coconut oil is antifungal and also antibacterial.

To apply the coconut oil (as an ear cleaner), you can heat this oil in a saucepan and once it is in liquid form (be sure to let it cool a bit!), dip a cotton ball into the liquefied coconut oil and then gently wipe and clean your dog’s ears.  Do this twice, daily, for 6 – 7 days.  When the infection has cleared up, you can do this just one time a week to prevent future occurrences. Make sure you don’t put the cotton ball deep inside the ears, however.

The following link is for an Organic, Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil that can be used to clean your dog’s ear (as described above).  But there are many more uses for this product, such as using it for cooking, as a skin moisturizer for humans, adding it to your pet’s food as an antibacterial/antifungal product (to prevent parasites), or for enhanced oral hygiene in humans, as well.  There are tons of great uses coconut oil offers, and I always go with an Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil, preferably in a glass jar.  Click on this link to get more info: Organic Coconut Oil 33.81 Oz Extra Virgin Cold-pressed for Hair, Skin, Beauty and Cooking

Coconut Oil


Some pet owners may feel that an ear infection is no big deal.  In reality, it truly is!  If the infection is not treated, it can lead to more problems for your loving dog, plus having ear infections causes pain that no loving pet owner wants for their dog.

Be in-tuned with your dog and observe if he or she is displaying any of the above behaviors, such as scratching of the ear, non-stop shaking of the head, redness in the ear, a bad odor coming from the ear, or any of the above-mentioned symptoms.  It is advised to take your dog to her or his veterinarian for their normal check-ups and, especially if you suspect that your pet has an ear infection.

Keep your dog’s ears clean by wiping them with the cotton-tipped swab or coconut-oil dipped cotton ball  (as explained above), and not exposing your dog to lake water, and also avoiding getting water into the dog’s ears if moisture seems to be the culprit.

So, if you believe your dog has this condition, it would be best to visit the vet who can diagnose, begin treating your dog’s ear infection and help you to understand what measures to take.

Prevention is always best!  Your precious pet will thank you for the loving care you give her or him!

Boy and His Dog Happy Together

Solid Gold Natural Grain Free/Gluten Free Wet Puppy Food

February 20, 2018 in Pet Food

You now have your adorable puppy at home and may be wondering what to feed him or her.  Pet owners want to keep their pups healthy for a long time, and it is best to begin giving a nutritious, natural diet early on.  A diet that does not contain artificial ingredients, coloring or synthetic additives.

Here is a Holistic puppy formula, wet (canned).  This Natural, Holistic, grain-free recipe is also gluten-free.   It has beef, apples, and potatoes in a rich, delicious gravy.  Can be given to puppies of all sizes and breeds.

NO fillers like wheat, soy, and corn; NO artificial preservatives; No Carrageenan.

This wet dog food contains a blend of six (6) nutrient-dense superfoods.  They provide a powerful source of natural vitamins and nutrients to nourish your puppy and keep him or her active and healthy.

Natural DHA and EPA; NOT synthetic, but natural.  This supports brain development and growth, as well.

Made in the U.S.A.  If you would like more on this product, please click on the photo below.

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