Natural Ways to Treat and Prevent Feline Cancer

February 28, 2018 in Articles

Learning Natural Ways to Treat and Prevent Feline Cancer

One of the worst things is for a pet parent to find out that their beloved kitty has cancer.  That awful, God-forsaken word!  It is something we never want to hear about our loved ones, and our cats are our loved ones!  As a lover of cats myself, I can certainly resonate with this.  There are several ways to help treat feline cancer, in the event that he or she is stricken with this terrible disease.  There is hope, so do not despair.  Alternative natural remedies can treat feline cancer and also prevent it!  It is my intention to explain this as we move forward with this article.  I know how much I love my cats and dogs, and I’m sure you feel the same or else you probably would not be reading this article.

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What Does it Mean When a Cat Develops Cancer?

When a cat develops cancer, his or her immune system is compromised.  This means that the strong immune system they once had is no longer strong.  A healthy immune system fights off the bad guys, as it destroys abnormal or cancerous cells and protects the body against pathogens (foreign invaders).  These pathogens include viruses, bacteria, and parasites.  Most mainstream veterinarians will immediately point you in the direction of chemo, radiation, or both if it is determined that your cat has cancer.  This can be established through an examination (if a lump is visible), bloodwork and/or a biopsy.

And, conventional vets will put fear into you, telling you that your pet will not live unless they get these conventional treatments … and that they must begin treatment right away.  (For the most part, is has been shown that radiation and chemotherapy do not actually prolong the pet’s life, so I personally would not follow that route for my pet.)  I remember how I awful I felt when one of my sweet, loving cats developed this disease and was given nothing but gloom from our vet.  Instead of me jumping at this prompting from my cat’s vet to begin radiation, I decided to go home and do a lot of research on the topic.  I read for hours upon hours, in hopes that I would be able to afford my cat some more years of life — and a healthy one, at that!

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Natural Ways to Combat Feline Cancer

It is sad that our pets are developing cancer as rapidly as human beings are.  Approximately 4 million new cases of cancer in cats arise each year in America.  That is terrible news!  And now I will let you know about the good news!  Here are some natural remedies and ways that have been found to help our loving feline-family members improve their chances of survival and live a longer life.  This regime can also prolong the life of a healthy cat!

Add 10% Veggies to Diet

Example of a Raw-Food Diet – 90% Meat


It is known that diet plays a big role in whether we will live a vibrant, healthy, long life or develop degenerative diseases later on down the road. (This applies to both humans and our feline and canine buddies!)  Since a poor diet is a major determining factor in the development of cancer, it would make great sense to feed your cat a diet that consists of wholesome, natural foods that do not consist of artificial ingredients, preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

Feeding your cat an Organic raw-food diet of meats, organs and adding about 10% veggies would be the best route for prolonged health.  In the event that you have decided against giving your cat the diet that I suggest, please be sure to read the labels carefully of your cat’s dry and/or canned (wet) food.  Avoid foods that contain Carrageenan, a known carcinogen, artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, pea protein, and meat by-products.  There are some ingredients that may seem harmless, when, in fact, they are not.  Research each ingredient to be sure that all of them are natural and free from all the aforementioned unnatural and synthetic ingredients.  Beware of “natural.”  That doesn’t mean organic, which is the very best you can offer your pet.  Organic means that the product does not contain added hormones, antibiotics, artificial ingredients, by-products, and GMOs, which you want to avoid at all costs.

Just by adding a little powdered Tumeric (Organic) to your cat’s food can combat or prevent cancer.  Tumeric is known to have anti-viral and anti-tumoral properties, both essential in combating cancer.  Astragalus has anti-viral properties and is an immune-system booster.  Milk Thistle is great for cleansing the liver and helps with things like hepatitis, etc.  Cleansing the liver is vital and is a good idea in order to maintain optimal health.  Essiac is an herbal tea that has helped many people fight cancer for years.  It can also be given to cats.  (It’s good practice to check with a holistic doctor before giving any new products to your pet.  Or, you can check with the company you purchase the herbs or alternative products if you have any questions about how to administer the correct dosage or what benefits can be derived from taking a specific product.)

These natural products have been found to help many cats.  To read about the benefits of these products, just click the following link: Cancer Support Kit-Cats by Pet Wellbeing


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Why Might My Cat Develop This Disease?

The major determining factor would be the cat’s diet.  If you are giving your cat commercially-canned cat food (wet or dry), that can be the culprit for the risk of your pet developing this disease.  Since store-bought cat food contains a myriad of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, animal by-products, carrageenan, and synthetic ingredients, it is wise to steer clear of giving this type of diet to your cat.

These types of foods are not what your cat’s body is designed to eat, so therefore, optimal health cannot be achieved if they are consumed.  Toxins will form and a buildup of toxins will, eventually, produce inflammation.  When inflammation is not put in check, it can lead to cancer and other ills.

Many of these canned or dry foods contain GMO’s (genetically-modified organisms).  These can include gluten or corn, which are hard on your cat’s digestive system, so it’s best to avoid!  Other degenerative diseases (such as arthritis, diabetes, heart problems, kidney disease and more) may manifest because of these unnatural ingredients.  Why risk your cat getting any of these awful diseases when he or she can live a full, vibrant, happy life!

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Be Your Pet’s Best Advocate!

In concluding, by providing your loving kitty with an organic, raw-food diet consisting of 90% meat and about 10% vegetables, ensuring that he or she has clean, spring water readily available at all times, making sure your cat gets daily exercise, adding a superfood supplement to your cat’s diet, and giving lots of tender-loving care, can make all the difference and result in your cat enjoying a long, healthy, happy life!  You are the one who must take these positive steps for your furry buddy so that you can enjoy each other’s company for many years ahead.

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