Vet Shows How You Can Care For Your Pet Bird

February 22, 2018 in Videos and e-Books

Here is a very informative E-book, written by an Avian Vet who has been Board-Certified since 1993.  Dr. Murphy is one of the few avian veterinarians that has extensive experience in aviculture – The Murphy Exotic Bird Research Center with over 200 pairs of cockatoos, macaws, breeding parrots, and lories.

He is the Chief Veterinarian at the Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor which is a National Referral Center for medicine and the surgery for exotic birds.

There are 22-Information-Packed Chapters on Pet Bird Care!  This veterinarian will show you how to find and buy a healthy bird, how to care for (and train) your pet bird, and he exposes dangerous pet bird myths.  You will learn How to Properly Nourish your Bird; how to Keep Your bird healthy and happy;  you will get Practical Advice On How To Care For Your Bird; How To Keep Your Aviary Healthy and Baby Bird Safe, and more!  To find out more, please Click Here!