Stay Connected With Your Pet When You Are Away

March 7, 2018 in Pet Products

Pet Cube is a pet cam (camera) for the times that you cannot be with your loving furry-family member!  It is an awesome and innovative device to have in your home for when you are away!  You can keep an eye on your precious cat or dog with this pet came when you’re not there.  

You will be able to watch if they are behaving or not.  You can also talk to your pet through the Pet Cube and decide when the time is right to give that tasty treat that your cat or dog has been anxiously awaiting!  Click on the link that follows, and then be sure to watch the video on the page that you are taken to.  I believe that the short video you watch will bring a smile to your face and help you in deciding if this pet camera is something that you would desire to have in your home.

It is so much fun being able to see (and talk) to your pet through your phone and then toss the treat to your dog or cat!  I bought this for my fur babies since I have 6, all together, and like to keep in touch when I am not home.

Petcube helps pet owners stay connected with their pet, no matter where they are!

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