Orthopedic Dog Beds for Large Dogs

September 24, 2018 in Articles

Do You Have a Large or Extra Large Dog?

Are you the pet parent of a large dog such as a Do you have a large or extra large dog?  If so, this bed (which I will give more details about later) is specially designed with your dog in mind.  It is a very supportive and high-quality orthopedic dog bed for large dogs that cannot compare to others on the market. 

One reason is that it relieves your dog’s pressure points.  Another reason would be that it affords your precious canine family member a comfortable and enjoyable night’s sleep.  It comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Is it Good to Get a Dog Bed with a Bolster?

I would say, “Yes!”  Have you considered or ever seen a dog bed with a bolster?  This orthopedic dog bed comes with a bolster (similar to a pillow) which makes it even more comfortable for your dog.  The bolster allows the dog to rest his or her head on it, allowing your pup to have pleasant dreams.

When your dog rests her head on this bolster, it gives support to the spine which is very important for proper alignment.  The bolster (or dog pillow) is similar to a human’s pillow and is an added feature that I really like.

Click on the following link to get all the details for this High-Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed for LARGE Dogs.

Here are some of its features:

  • The Gel Foam Technology for this bed keeps your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter;
  • It has 3 layers of foam so it will outlast cheap imitations and retain its firmness and not “bottom out”;
  • Gel Memory Foam Bolser (Pillow) so your dog can rest his head comfortably;
  • Easy to remove, washable cover;
  • The Height of the bed is 7″ high;
  • Made in the U.S.A.;
  • Can support up to 300 lbs.
  • This bed will offer your pet superior comfort
  • NO Harmful Chemicals – 100% Certified NON-TOXIC;
  • Bolster contains 100% NO V.O.C. Adhesive
  • Lifetime Warranty


Do You Want Your Dog to Sleep on a Non-Toxic Dog Bed?

Today, there are so many toxic chemicals all around us.  This put a toll on our immune systems and can cause the body to become diseased if exposure is long term.  The same thing holds true for our dear pets.  More and more people have become aware of how imperative it is to keep our bodies free of as many harmful products as possible.

If you are a health-conscious individual and look for products that are safe, then this may be the bed for your dog.  This orthopedic dog bed is made in the United States of America and is free from toxins.  This is a very important feature for me, as I have two (2) loving dogs and only want the best and safest products (foods included).

This orthopedic dog bed made for large and extra large dogs is eco-friendly.  It is a NON-TOXIC and 100% Certi-Pur Certified dog bed.  The superior Comfort Bolster has been made with 100% No V.O.C. Adhesives, so you can put your mind at rest knowing that your dog will not be breathing in harmful chemicals when sleeping or laying on her or his dog bed.

Cheaper dog beds can contain harmful, toxic chemicals which can certainly compromise the health of your pet.  If the pet succumbs to a serious illness, their life may be shortened.  Years ago, I was not aware of the dangers of toxins that my pets were ingesting or breathing in, and a few of them had developed life-threatening diseases.  That is the very reason I chose to create this site because I want to offer only the best products for pet parents so they can make informed decisions after gathering information.


What Does This Dog Bed Consist Of?

  1. The Foundation consists of two pounds (2 lbs.) of Non-Toxic Medical Grade Foundation Foam and is 4″ High;
  2. The Core has two and a half pounds (2 1/2 lbs.) of Memory Foam. Engineered not to flatten and keeps the bed firm for dogs that are heavier.  The foam is 2″ High.
  3. The Top layer has four pounds (4 lbs.) gel memory foam and this helps to work with the body temp so your dog will keep cool in the summer months and warm during the winter months.  The top layer of foam is 1″ high.
  4. The Bolster/Pillow will allow your pet to rest her head comfortably while providing the needed support for her spine.


What Dog Breeds is this Bed Best Suited For?

This Orthopedic Dog Bed is best for Large and Extra Large breeds of dogs.  This bed will keep your dog very comfortable and also provide the added support that larger breed dogs require.

This bed comes in three (3) different sizes:

LARGE bed:  48′ x 30″ x 7″ (Best for Boxers, Akita, Golden Retrievers, Labs, etc.);

EXTRA LARGE bed: 52″ x 36″ x 7″ (Best for dogs that are larger than a Lab but smaller than, say, a Great Dane);

MASSIVE bed: 60″ x 48″ x 7″ (Best for Dobermans and Great Danes).



When looking for a high-quality, orthopedic dog bed, take into consideration several things, some of them being:

  • “What type of support does this bed offer for my dog?”
  • “Is the dog bed non-toxic for my dog to sleep on?”
  • “What breeds will the bed accommodate?”
  • “Does the Bed have a Bolster or Pillow for my dog to rest his or her head?”
  • “What type of Warranty does the manufacturer offer?”
  • “What country is the bed manufactured in?”
  • “Will the Memory Foam flatten soon after the dog sleeps on it because it is cheaply made?”

Take a look at this high-quality bed that does not compare to other cheaper models that will not last and may also cause health problems because the components of the bed contain harsh, unsafe chemicals.

You will receive a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer of this orthopedic dog bed for large dogs, so you have nothing to lose.  Your dog will love sleeping on this bed!

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