Introducing A New Dog To Your Home — Make it Stress-Free!

February 17, 2018 in Articles

How Sweet!

Contemplating Introducing A New Dog To Your Home?

Are you thinking of introducing a new dog to your home? Or maybe a new cat? The answer may be “Yes” but you are somewhat concerned about how your original pet or pets may react to the new addition. This is a concern that many pet owners battle with and wonder if it would be wise to add another pet to their home. This very thought crossed my mind in the past.

In August of 2017, I lost my very best friend and still cry today when I think about her. My precious, smart, beautiful, loving and kind dog of 15 years left us, and we were all heartbroken, especially me! This dog was the most special dog I have ever had the pleasure of spending my years with! I had a special bond with this dog. Do not get me wrong: I loved (and do love) ALL of my pets VERY much! So after some time, I thought (long and hard) whether or not we should bring a new pet into our home. Six months later, we are the proud pet parents of 2 pups! There were times when I had just 1 dog, 2 dogs, or even 4 dogs.  Most of the time, we had both dogs and cats living together in harmony!  I believe that following the advice I’ll be sharing with you in this article will work.  It has worked well for me and so many others!

Finding Your Dog A New Best Friend Forever

Okay, so you have decided that you want to go ahead and introduce a new dog to your home. You really want to find your loving pup a new BFF — it is something that you believe will make your dog happy which, in turn, will cause you to be happy. (This principle can also apply to introducing a new cat!) Since animals survive by protecting themselves and their resources (food) in the wild, it’s just natural for them to feel threatened when another pet enters the home. Do not dismay — it is possible for this to work.  Just follow the tips offered here.

Best Buddies

Provide A Safe Meeting Place

A very good (and safe) way to introduce your old (your current dog) and the new dog is to have them meet in an open space (such as your backyard or a park).  Be sure that both of the dogs are leashed and slowly have them sniff each other and meet.  It is much safer this way, rather than having your new dog meet your current dog in his or her favorite room in the house!

New cats can be brought home in their carrier or crate and have them stay there for a few days, with their own water, food, litter box, and toys. In this way, the new cat will become accustomed to the scents in your home, and the older pets will begin to adjust to the sounds the new cat makes and also their scents. 

Just so that you feel more confident and relaxed about this, you may want to try this all natural product before the introduction of your dogs or cat and dog which helps the pets to become calm and not anxious.  Just click this link to learn about this product.  Calming Care for Dog Anxiety and Stress by Pet Wellbeing

Show Some Extra TLC And Avoid Food Fights

Since you do not want your original fur baby to feel left out and no longer loved, you will want to now spend some extra time giving more TLC than you normally do.  This should include playing with your current dog for a longer time than usual and giving more hugs (you can never give too many hugs or kisses)! In this way, your dog will realize that he or she is still very important to you and will not be as jealous when the new dog is introduced to your home. Remember that you can also give a treat as a reward, but do not overdo it with the treats because too many will put on those extra pounds, which you do not want.

You will want to avoid food fights between your dogs or your dogs and cats. A good way to do this would be to have your kitties eat their food in a separate room from your dogs (where the dogs cannot gain access).  Even putting the cats’ bowls in an elevated place, like on top of the washing machine so that Fido cannot devour it before your cat even gets a chance to start nibbling.  I know that my former, precious, fur baby used to listen to everything I asked — except with sneaking down the cat food, which was not healthy for her! For the dogs, you will want to keep them in different places in the house when they eat, at least until they learn that “this is your bowl of food, and this is her or his bowl of food.”  The same idea goes for the cats … eventually, they learn which is theirs.  It helps when you have a plate for each pet so each one will eat from their respective one.

Go For It … If You Want Another Dog (or Cat)

I know that you may still be contemplating whether you should introduce another dog into your home. As a huge lover of dogs and cats alike, I am confident that, if you give this some time, it will work! Just follow the tips I’ve provided to you in this article; go ahead and bring another precious fur baby into your life and the life of your current dog. Sometimes things may seem a bit too complicated and we get flustered giving it too much thought. When we sit down and rationalize that there are actually ways to overcome the obstacles that may (or do) occur, then it makes things a lot more simple! It also can make your wishes come true; in this case, adding a new dog to home so that your current dog has a buddy to play for many years to come.  So, do not dismay and do not dismiss this idea if you really want another pet in your household. It can surely be done, safely, and with just a little effort on your part! It is my wish that you enjoy many, many happy years with your pets and have them live harmoniously with one another!

Puppy and Kitten Getting Acquainted

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