Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser

April 12, 2018 in Pet Products, Reviews

Here is an amazing, interactive pet product most dog lovers will find interesting.  This Dog Camera with treat dispenser is a smart dog camera (with 2-way audio) that allows you to see, talk, and even toss treats to your pet … and you can do all this while you are away from home. It is an ideal treat-dispensing camera for pet owners. 

It is ideal for those who suffer separation anxiety when leaving their beloved pet at home or are afraid that they will cause mayhem when left unsupervised. It is really a great way to keep an eye on them. Many customers love this camera and purchased it because of the benefits it offers. 

You can feel more at ease and comfortable when leaving your beloved pet at home alone.  Some people even use this for their cats.  Yes, you can make use of the Furbo camera for your feline babies, too!  I find this to be a very cool pet-parent item!

Design and Set-up

This Furbo dog camera is tall, angular and has a classy look. It is an attractive dog camera with a treat dispenser and has a glossy-white finish.  Full HD Wi-Fi pet camera, with 2-way audio.  It is mainly designed so that you can keep a watchful eye on your dog, comfort him or her, and reward your pet when they are left home alone. 

Place the dog’s favorite treat in its built-in dispenser (below is a treat that I recommend filling the dispenser with) and toss the treats whenever necessary. The wooden lid is easy to remove.  Once you have added the treats, the lid would then be replaced. 

Illustration of Furbo Interactive Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser


This Furbo dog camera with treat dispenser can be connected to your Smartphone. It gives you a notification when your dog is barking so that you are easily alerted and can check out what is going on in your home.

Easy setup!  Just 3 Simple Steps

1)  Plug the cord into a power outlet (comes with USB cord);

2)  You would then need to download the Furbo app, and;

3)  Connect it to your home Wi-Fi.

It has an impressive 1080p-resolution camera placed at the top to give a high-quality image to the pet owners. It has an L.E.D. indicator to let you know whether this camera is online or not.  The Furbo Dog Camera has a built-in microphone so you can hear when your dog barks and the built-in speaker makes it possible to talk to them as well. This dog camera also has a night-vision feature, allowing you to watch your dog during both the day and night.


Click Image to View Video and Purchase the Pet Camera



My Thoughts on the Furbo Dog Camera 

I think that the Furbo Dog Camera with its treat-dispensing feature is amazing. It is easy to setup and use. The app is also easy to use and is user-friendly. I really enjoy being able to watch my dogs when they are left unsupervised and the fact that I can talk to them, too! 

It took only a short time before they got used to me using this app and hearing my voice coming out from the speaker and then watching their treat flying out. Now, when I am away from them, I don’t worry and they feel more secure and happy when they are left at home alone.  I can easily communicate with them through the Furbo camera.  This device can also be used for your feline babies!

From my point of view, I would like to say that this Furbo dog camera with its built-in treat dispenser is one of the best devices to have when you are away from home.  The reasons I feel this way are because of the fact that you can see what your pets are doing, communicate with them and also toss a treat.  

I really like all these features:  the high-quality picture that is displayed, the night vision camera, two-way audio to listen and speak, and a great treat-tossing capability for my dogs.  It has an intelligent sensor that automatically detects barking, which is pretty incredible. 

Click Image – Wellness Dog Treats

One of the features that customers have raved about this dog camera is its treat-tossing ability.  It is lots of fun to toss the treats using the app and watch them fly across the room to where your pet is anxiously awaiting his goodies.

The video quality is very good.  It is well designed and attractive. The built-in dispenser can hold approximately 50 pieces of their favorite pet treat. (It will vary according to the treats chosen.)  These “Wellness Soft WellBite” treats fit nicely in the dispenser. You can purchase them by clicking on the image to the right. These treats contain no bad ingredients.


Wilderness Cat Treats – Click Image

NOTE:  Even though this camera has been named “Furbo ‘Dog’ Camera,” it can most certainly be used for our furry-feline-family members.  Here is a good cat treat that I recommend for this pet camera.  It does not have preservatives or artificial ingredients.  And, you can choose from several flavors.




Those were yummy treats!



It has great video quality with 720p video streaming, a 120° wide-angle view and a night-vision feature. It is a fun treat-dispensing camera for dogs (and cats) and can hold between 50 – 76 pieces of your pet’s favorite treat. 

The Furbo Dog Camera is compatible with the Amazon “Alexa” device.

It can be connected using the Furbo iOS/Android app. It keeps you engaged by providing two-way audio systems. It also has a highly-sensitive barking sensor which alerts you by giving notification to your mobile phone. The barking- alert push notifications on your phone are great to have just in case your dog is barking at an unwanted stranger or even if their barking is continuous and becomes a nuisance to the neighbors.  

Anything can happen when our dogs are left home alone but, by using this pet camera, we can keep an eye on them. This gives us peace of mind even when we are a distance away from our pet/s.  

At the time of this writing, my puppies are 10 months of age.  I decided to get the dog camera after I came home one day to find that the woodwork and part of the flooring were chewed up considerably.  (They are the most aggressive chewers I’ve known of all the 7 previous dogs I have had.)  Thank God, they did not get very ill.  Now I feel much more secure when I go out for a few hours and cannot take them with me because of this wonderful pet camera.  



Sometimes this camera’s connection can become a little unstable, making the video slightly blurred and choppy.  This does not happen often, but it might occur once in a while if the connection is not good at that time.    This mainly happens when you do not have a strong network/WiFi connection in your home.

Instead of dispersing 1 treat at a time, the Furbo dog camera sometimes will disperse 3-4 treats at the same time, which is not a terrible thing.  Some people even suggested that the capacity of the treat dispenser should be larger.  It can hold approximately 50 or more treats, depending on the treat.

Some have found the speaker quality to be less than they had hoped for. The barking alert can be a bit too sensitive at times.  This can cause notifications to come to your phone unnecessarily.  It will notify you whenever your dog barks, which is not really a bad thing. This dog camera is also non-adjustable.



I would like to say that the Furbo Dog Camera has helped me to be less anxious when I leave my dogs home alone.  I believe most pet parents will find this camera to be very useful and a device they find necessary to have in their home.  Some customers have purchased 2 (or more) units of this camera at a time, keeping a camera in each of the rooms where the pet frequents most often.  

Having the ability to keep an eye on our furry friends and keeping them engaged gives us peace of mind knowing they are safe and happy.  People who are afraid to leave their dogs in the home alone should give this awesome camera a try. 

I think any pet parent with the above-mentioned concerns would have a strong desire to purchase this interactive dog camera, as it has several beneficial features, which include treat tossing, HD quality images, night vision, two-way audio, and more. 

Having placed a couple units of this camera in my home has given me peace of mind because my pups and 4 cats get into things, at times, that they shouldn’t.  Now I feel more at ease being able to go to my cell phone, call them, and being able to see what’s going on.  They anxiously await their treat, too! 

It’s the best way to comfort your precious pets and even reward them when you are not with them and they are missing you.  I firmly believe this and hope that more and more pet owners will give this wonderful device a try.  I think you will be pleased once you check it out for yourself.  

Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser


    1. Win Bill Huang says:

      This dog camera with treat dispenser abilities is very cool. I really like the part where it has fisheye lens so you can see more of the room your dog is in.

      The two way audio is cool too, because it allows your dog to connect the owner’s voice to the treat. So in other words, even though it is the “camera” that is throwing the treats, the dog most likely still recognize the fact that the owner of the voice gives treats.

      One question I dot have is that can your dog knock it over? I just want to know if it is stable enough to withstand dog “pounces”.

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Win Bill,

        Yes, there are some very cool features with this product, I agree!  : )  My dogs do recognize my voice because when I use it and talk to them, I see their tails wagging … so, they must know it is me talking to them.  : )

        As far as the stability question, I would say that it would be best to keep the camera on a shelf high enough (maybe two feet from the floor) so that the pet cannot knock it down.  But you can keep an eye to test this when you are home to see his or her reaction to the device.  : )

        Thanks for the comments!!


    2. Michael Jackson says:

      Hello there! Good read 🙂 I love these cameras. I have never owned one myself, but I have grandparents who have a poodle with great separation anxiety that have talked about getting one of these. Is it easy enough to operate by all ages? What is the price on one of them?

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Michael,

        Thank you for the comment!  The camera is not difficult to operate, so I do not believe it will pose a problem.  The one I have written about is on sale for $199.00.  It is $50 off the regular price.  It really is a great deal when you think about the benefits and how it helps both the pet parent and the pet, being able to keep watch over them and also tossing the treat!  : )



    3. Kari Nedrud says:

      Hello! What a great device!!
      I have never heard about it before, but I will for sure buy this from your page to my sister who has two cats. She always sends me pictures of them to my cell phone, and I just know that she will love this.
      Thank you for sharing this great information!!
      All the best,

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Kari,

        Thank you for your comment!  I also thank you for letting me know that you will purchase this for your sister’s cats.  I have 4 cats and 2 dogs.  Aww, that is sweet that you get photos of the sweeties often!  Just make sure that small kitty treats are purchased for this device. : )  I think I will add cat treats on my site for those who purchase this pet camera for their feline family members.

        I am glad that you found this information useful.   And, thanks, again!

        Many blessings,

        Cathy  : )

    4. Don Herman says:

      Haha!  This is an amazing thing.  What a great idea.  You can keep an eye on your varmints and if they’re being good, you can give them a treat.  Yes, I can see it would be great to help with a pet who has separation anxiety.  And since it’s wireless, you can talk to them no matter where you are – even on vacation in some faraway place!  My only question is, How stable is it?  Could they knock it over to get at the treats?  Not that my little angels would ever dream of such a thing, but you never know . . . 

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Don,

        Yes, I, too, find this to be a very cool device!  It truly helps your pet to feel comforted, as though you are actually there — when you’re not!  And, I love the added feature of being able to toss the treats to them as well.

        I would suppose that it can be knocked over but if you put it on a high-enough place (like your kitchen counter, for example), then it should be safe!  That is where I have placed mine and my pups run to the kitchen when I’m out and say, “Do you want your treat?”  I guess they have learned that is the “go to” spot when I’m not home.  : )

        Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you will visit again.



    5. Kelly says:

      Cool! I don’t have any pets at home, but this is such a neat device! It wouldn’t be so bad to have a pet at home with something like this to still be there with them 🙂
      Thanks for sharing this!

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Kelly,

        I agree with you that this device is very cool! I thought the very same thing when I first learned about it.

        It really does work well and I use it often whenever I go out for a few hours and the doggies are left unattended. I like keeping an eye, making sure all is well! : ) And they LOVE the added bonus of getting a “treat!”

        Please stop by soon!

        Thank you,


    6. kaeyoes says:

      Oh, wow! How cool is this!  I don’t have any pets in our home.  We have a couple on a farm and I love them.  But, lately I’ve been wanting an indoor pet.  So, this helps me with making a more educated decision with that.  And, that’s just because my kids are all at school and my husband works and I work part-time outside the home.  I would want something that I can be reassured my pet wasn’t too lonely or, ya, getting into things they shouldn’t be.

      Thanks, this is such a cool little device that can mean a great deal to people and how they have pets 🙂

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Kaeyoes,

        I agree!  When I first saw this, I thought the exact thing: “How cool it is!”  : )  

        What I especially like about this pet camera is that it gives you the capability of tossing treats while keeping an eye on the dog or cat!

        It is awesome that you are wanting to have an indoor pet — they bring SO much LOVE into the home — you will not be sorry!  I have had dogs since I was 11 years old, and when I got married, I had my first cat.  Since then, our home has never been without pets, in addition to cats and dogs!  We have a full-house of them, and we LOVE it!

        I believe you will find this camera to be very useful, especially when you’re at work and want to see what your furry family member is up to.  : )  And, then you can toss a treat to him or her.  My dogs know the drill and cannot wait for their treats to fly out.  I use it often when I’m away for a few hours and it is one of the best investments I’ve made!  I’m sure you will be glad that you got this, if you do decide to purchase it.

        Thanks for the visit and comment!  

        Cathy  : )

    7. Laura says:

      What a cool product! I’ve ordered this immediately, as I can’t wait to try this out with my dog!

      Being able to see him and call him and give him a treat while being at work is something I never thought about before, but it will sure make the long evenings at the office less lonely.

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Laura,

        Thank you for visiting!  And, thank you, if you have purchased this pet camera from me!

        I believe that you and your pet will be very happy to communicate in this way, when you are at the office!  Your precious pet will love hearing your voice and also getting a yummy treat!  : )

        Please write back to let me know how this worked out for you and your pet.

        Thanks, again!


    8. Matt says:

      I have seen products like this advertised on TV . I have always thought it was a neat idea since some do have thise attachments to their dogs and they don’t like being separated.  I like the fact it has a camera and also audio to so you can speak to your dog and your dog can speak to you that is what I like.

      Also it is handy to have a little treat pop out and let them gobble that up you know dogs love their treats haha.  I think for any dog or cat owner this would be a really good gift especially since the holiday season right around the coern.

      Thank you for this I might have to go and get one I hope all is well


      • Cathy says:

        Hi Matt,

        Thanks so much for visiting!  I agree with you, totally, that this camera has some great features!  I know I like being able to see what my dogs are doing when I’m out — and then, tossing the treat is a plus!

        I believe you will be very pleased with this product if you decide to purchase it!

        Hope you will visit again.

        Take care,


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Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser

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