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April 29, 2018 in Articles

I want a loving home to call my own


Would you like to bring a beautiful avian member into your family? The Cockatoo bird may just be the right choice for you! I would like to share some things about these wonderful birds so that you can make the right choice!

Are you aware that Cockatoo Birds can live to 60 years of age — or more? Yes, this is true. If you are considering to adopt one of these amazing parrots, you may want to choose a family member or friend that he or she bonds with, in the event that your pet bird outlives you!

They are actually one of the most popular types of birds that people opt to have as a pet when considering adopting a member of the avian family.

Are Cockatoos Intelligent?

Yes, they are highly intelligent birds!

A study that was recently conducted found that Cockatoo birds have cognitive levels equivalent to that of a four-year-old child. So, if you are putting cashew nuts, for example, in a certain place and you do not want your Cockatoo to get it (if he comes out of his cage) he will take note of this and get those nuts when he desires.

Even though their brains are small, these birds are super intelligent as you will find this out once you adopt a Cockatoo.  And, if you own one of these amazing birds, you will already know this.

New research reveals that avians have mega amounts of neurons located in the forebrain.  (Neurons are the basic information-processing units in the brain, so this explains why they are as intelligent as they are.)  This translates into the fact that they will make the most of their tiny brains for the maximum amount of their cognitive abilities.

Cockatoo love


Birds have a greater amount of neurons per square inch than mammals and even humans.  Their cognition is as good as primates because of the very large amount of neurons in their forebrain.


The Personality of a Cockatoo

So, you would like to know what type of personality this bird has.  Cockatoos do have distinct personalities: some are very docile while others are nervous and upset because they were separated from the flock they were amongst.  I would have to say that there is a great variation in the personality of Cockatoo birds.

You will find that your pet Cockatoo loves to cuddle with you. They bond easily with their owners and are very affectionate creatures.  They also desire a lot of attention, and you will notice that they want to be wherever their human friends are.

It is true that they seek attention all the time, but they also will bond with you for many years to come (in most cases, 60 years or greater), and this is very rewarding.  Your pet Cockatoo will be your loyal, best friend forever!

Cockatoo birds love to be the center of attention and show off tricks that you have taken the time to teach them.  You can say that they are entertainers at heart.

You can say they are noisy birds, so if you live in an apartment where your neighbor will be able to hear this very vocal bird, you may get complaints, especially if they are not animals lovers.  Some talk a lot while others like to dance and put on a show for you.

Playing is one of the things they truly enjoy.  They can tear up a wooden toy in a matter of minutes.  Oh, yes, they certainly love to chew so be sure to get lots of chew toys to keep them busy!

If they do not have ample amounts of physical and mental stimulation, they may resort to destructive behavior and begin picking at their feathers.

They are known to be great lock pickers of their cages.  It would be a good idea to buy a cage that is securely locked or else you may find that your furniture has been pecked away when you return home.  And, that is why these feathered friends need to have a lot of toys to stay out of trouble and are kept busy.


What Type of Cage Should I Consider?

Before taking your pet Cockatoo home, be sure that you have his or her cage placed in your home to welcome your sweetie.

There are different types of bird cages, of course.  For this type of bird, it is recommended to get a cage that is the most spacious and well-made cage that you can afford since this is their home and you want them to have ample space to be able to flap their wings.

This cage (below – right) is suitable for a Cockatoo, is spacious, and modestly priced.  I like the fact that is has a non-toxic finish and a snapping-door lock.  It has received very good feedback, overall, from 50+ customers who left reviews (4 out of 5 stars). 

Click on image to purchase


Large Cockatoos have very strong beaks and can easily bend thin, wire-type cage bars.  It is wise to get a cage that will not be destroyed by your pet bird and then have to go through an additional expense to purchase a replacement cage.

Since we know that these parrots are very intelligent, it is easy for them to pick the cage’s locks or even remove the screws.  You will be amazed at what they are capable of doing!  Below is a LARGE cage, perfect for 2 large Cockatoos. It is very well-made and has received 5 out of 5 stars from customers who left reviews. Click Image below to Purchase.


Of course, you will want to choose a cage for your bird that you find attractive and which will fit nicely in the room you plan to put it.  But, I suggest you find your bird a cage that gives you the option of securely locking the doors, which would include the feeder doors as well.


Optimal Diet for My Pet Cockatoo

It is ideal to give your pet Cockatoo a diet that consists of various foods, which would include fresh vegetables, fruits, and greens. Adding a small amount of cooked grains and legumes is fine. 

Fruits & Veggies

Two-thirds (to round it off, 65%) of the diet should consist of nutrient-rich pellets, and not more than 10% of the food should be from seeds.  About 25% of the diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, and greens.

Pale vegetables, such as celery or iceberg lettuce, should not be included since they have little nutritional value for your bird.

Be sure to wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly and what is even better is buying organic produce for your precious bird.  Place the fruits and vegetables in a separate container from the pellets and seeds.

This is 100% Certified Organic Bird Pellets, a healthy choice for your Cockatoo.  No chemicals.  It is made in the U.S.A.  Click image below to purchase.

If you find that your bird is eating just one thing, remove that one food item so that she will get the nourishment from the other foods you are giving.

It is good to give a small piece of a variety of the above-listed foods daily to ensure your Cockatoo is getting proper nourishment.  Be patient and do not give up.  She will eventually eat what you set out for her to eat.

Do NOT give a diet of just seeds alone because this type of diet is pretty much void of vital nutrients and will cause health problems for your pet bird.

Do NOT give avocados to your bird because they have been reported to be toxic.

Always have clean water available.  Since some tap water has bad stuff in it, like lead, offering bottled water would be a good choice.  Wash your bird’s dishes daily, with soap and water so bacteria does not form.


What if I have Allergies?

In case you have allergies, it is important to know they that these birds do create a lot of dander. You would need to take this into consideration when looking into the possibility of adopting a Cockatoo. If you have a friend who owns one of these birds, you may want to spend a good deal of time with one (for, say, a few days) to see if you can tolerate the dander.

People with no allergies do not seem to have any problems with dander.  I have several pets and their dander does not affect me at all — I do not have allergies.  And I personally have many friends and business associates who have various pets that create a decent amount of dander and can tolerate it just fine.

So, for anyone with allergies, it is wise to check it out for yourself prior to adopting.  Because once you take your loving bird home, you will want to keep her or him with you forever!  It is a wise thing to do for yourself and also a responsible and caring step to take for the pet bird that you contemplate to adopt.  



Pretty bird with owner

If you are able to devote a good amount of time and love (each day) to a Cockatoo bird, then adopting one of these very affectionate and intelligent birds would be a great thing to do!

Feed your pet bird a diet that consists of fruits, veggies, nutrient-rich pellets, and a small amount of seeds.  Never feed a diet of seeds only as stated above. 

Choose a cage that is suitable for your Cockatoo so that he or she will have spacious living quarters and not be cramped inside of its cage.  Look for a cage that is sturdy so your bird will not easily bend the bars; one that has secure locks is a smart choice since they know how to “pick locks.”

Get to know your new, feathered-family member — love and nurture your Cockatoo!  She will certainly love you right back!

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